We manufacture wooden sliding folding doors for both interior and exterior applications.


The following choices in door types are available »


sliding door types


Bottom rolling systems are used on external door systems.
All external door-sets open outwards and overall dimensions are manufactured to suit client's wall  openings.
Doors are delivered fully assembled in frames. Glass not included at this stage.


Standard exterior doorsets

All doors open out
When selecting your configuration, ensure that it is viewed from outside

3 door: 2515 (wide) x 2105 (high)
4 door: 3325 (wide) x 2105 (high)
5 door: 4125 (wide) x 2105 (high)
6 door: 4925 (wide) x 2105 (high}


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We custom make sliding folding doors for interior use often as room dividers in boardrooms, class rooms, halls, etc,
Top hung and bottom rolling systems are both used. The doors used for internal fold-a-side door sets include Semi Solid Veneered doors, MDF doors and Joinery doors.



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